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The beginning of the journey to our vision…

Welcome to our very first blog post, a space where we hope to connect and interact with our community of carers, clients, families, friends and all interested in social care.

To begin with, let us tell you a little bit about how High Standard Care came about and what we hope to contribute to our clients lives, our community and the wider industry.

It is widely acknowledged that our life expectancy has risen significantly, in fact since the 1950s there has been an increase of almost 20 years in some parts of the world (our world in data). With this new lease to life, we face evolving challenges of how to support members of our community who have chronic health conditions or require assistance due to aging or disability. These questions were the catalyst that started our small company, as many of our own staff faced these questions when loved ones began to require home assistance.

We wanted High Standard Care to reflect the care we wanted to give to our own family and friends; individually tailored, compassionate, nurturing care and of the highest quality. We recruit staff that share our ethos and create a familial environment with our staff and clients and their loved ones.

So, join us on this journey of creating a happier, empowered and supported community one home and family at a time.


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